Wahoo…I’m playing the Youbloom festival this weekend with my talented band! I’ll be on in The Odessa Club on Dame Lane on Sunday 30th of June at 7.50pm sharp for a half an hour. I’m one of 50 Irish acts and 50 international acts playing over the weekend at different venues all over Dublin! Tickets for the weekend are €35 and daily tickets are €15. Bargain! 

“youbloom@Dublin is an amazing opportunity for independent bands/artists and has the potential to become Dublin’s SouthbySouthWest” – Bob Geldof



Looking forward to rocking out with the band again! Why not come along and say hello 🙂

Here’s what me and band sound like if you missed my album launch. 

Here’s the schedule for the weekend of gigs! Going to be brilliant. Sunday 30th June schedule. 

Oh here is a link to Goldenplec‘s review of my new album ‘Turbulent Bliss’.

See you at Youbloom!!!

Liz xx



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