The Hit and Samantha Mumba!!!!



What a weekend. I had such an amazing night at The Hit on Friday. I was petrafied to be honest…tried to keep calm but i was so nervous!


I’m delighted I took part in the show. People always asked me if i’d ever enter a tv competition like The Voice or X-Factor and I said they weren’t my style but The Hit to me is different. It’s all about putting the songwriter to the forefront.

When Samantha came out and sang my song it was an amazing, surreal experience. She looked stunning and I thought the production was beautiful all round. So proud of my song. I had to go home and watch it a few times on my planner to actually believe it happened. Even now I’m still in shock.

If ‘Somebody Like Me’ got into the top 10 by the end of the week I think it could really change things for me. I’ve always wanted to be a songwriter by trade and to actually make a living from it and this could really be my ticket to getting a publishing deal. Even though I’m a singer-songwriter myself and I love performing my own material, I’ve always dreamed of penning the next big credible pop track. I write a lot of songs that I feel don’t suit myself to sing but I know would be a great fit for someone else.

This song was meant for Samantha to sing…not me. I demoed it for my last album and me and my producer Andy both agreed it didn’t suit the feel of the other tracks and maybe keep it for the next one whenever that would be!

Funny how things work out because I wouldn’t have been able to enter it to The Hit if I had of recorded and released it myself.
Check out the song ‘Somebody Like’ Me here.


If you like it you can download it on itunes or text Song 2 to 57082.
Charts close for the week on Thursday night. It would be amazing to be up there with the likes of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Big competition this week.

If my song charts higher than Republic of Loose then I will get into the final with a chance to win the overall ‘hit’ and 20, 000euro!! Crazy.

Thank you so much to everyone for the overwhelming support. Also well done to Simon. I really loved his song ‘Georgia’. Hopefully the show can open a few more doors for him.

Liz xxx


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