Jack Lukeman Tour & More :)


It has been a busy few months since I was added to Jack Lukeman’s tour as the support act. I’ve been all over the country and now I’ve another 12 dates or more to go until the end of the year! It’s been amazing going to see all the beautiful venues, theatres, art and cultural centres that Ireland has to offer. Me and Cormac have had loads of fun on our little road trips…(no where is that far really in Ireland anymore!)

It started back in June when I was asked to support Jack Lukeman up in The Millbank Theatre in Rush. It would be the second time as I had played before him four years previous. This time after the gig Jack himself asked me if I would be interested in a few more. A few more led to an Irish tour! Jack is an unbelievable talent and entertainer. Anyone who has seen him live knows what I am talking about. It’s undeniable how good he is. One of Ireland’s best with a voice unmatched. I have learned a lot watching him perform night after night in different venues, big small, with a band or just on his own. It’s a real education and I feel lucky to be a part of it. People just love him. It has been great to meet people after the show all around the country, selling my album and getting my music to a wider audience.

The biggest moment to date has to be performing at The National Concert Hall. What a privilege. What a venue. The pure scale of the building was a little daunting but I have to say once I got onto the stage I was quite relaxed…surprisingly…and I thoroughly enjoyed myself performing to a very warm audience. At one stage I put my head back and looked up as I was singing and it was quite overwhelming. The sound and acoustics are beautiful and with just me and the guitar you could hear everything crystal clear! The team and facilities behind stage were second to none. It’s a gig I won’t forget! A few family and friends surprised me and came to see and Jack. Here are some photos of my time supporting Jack on his tour.

NCH outside

Me outside the NCH.

NCH dressing room 2

I had my own dressing room..with my name on the door…another first!


Yes my dressing had a Steinway baby grand in it! Nice.

National Concert Hall Liz

A sneaky pic of me on stage…I look tiny!

Here are a few photos of my family and friends who came in to support!

NCH me ais and shiela

NCH me andy and terrie

NCH Me and Cormac

NCH family



A few photos of other stunning venues around Ireland.

Birr Jack L

Birr Theatre and Arts Centre…beautiful old tiered theatre.

Youghal photo Liz outside

The fab Mall Arts Centre in Youghal.

Youghal inside venue

Sound check in Youghal…yes there were people at the actual gig 😉


me and cormac youghal road trip


Me and Cormac on the road…nice to have a good looking driver…ha! 🙂

jack L Drogheda

Jack and The Gang setting up at The Droichead Arts Centre Drogheda.

Jack L Gig Liz Kilkenny

The gorgeous Set Theatre in Kilkenny! Me at sound check.

Liz Kilkenny The Set

Me after the gig at The Set Theatre. Great venue and staff. We were well looked after.

View from above The Set Kilkenny

View from above…watching Jack do his thing.

Me and Jack Rush

Me and Jack in Rush back in June where it all began. 🙂

So apart from the Jack tour I have been busy with my band also playing local gigs in Walsh’s Pub and The Michael Collins in Rush. We have lots of dates lined up from now and into the new year which we are really looking forward to. We will be learning some new tunes to keep you rockin’. I love having the opportunity to play with a band as well as my solo act which are completely different to each other. There is nothing like the feeling of playing with talented musicians and having a good time.

me and the band

Ed Scanlan, Ronan O’Hanlon and Stephen Farrell are amazing musicians and hilarious to be around. I am a very lucky girl to call them my friends and band members! We do a mixture of originals from my first and second album and also covers from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and lots of 90’s!

Next up we are performing in Wals’s Pub in Rush on Sunday the 23rd of November at 6.30.

I’ve also been doing other projects like working at The Ark children’s Theatre in Temple Bar Dublin over the mid-term break. I couldn’t resist dressing up for the occasion! Me and Peter Baxter did 2 days of a drop in Jam.

Liz The Ark close up Halloween Liz The Ark Halloween

Also Da Wunderbraz made a very special reunion surprise for a birthday bash! When I was 16/17 I was in an all girl band called Da Wunderbraz…we used to rock every local venue and Dublin venues at the time!! Ha 🙂 Great times…we had a blast getting back together for one night!

The Wunderbraz reunion

The Open Mic night which I host locally in Skerries at Raff’s On The COrner is still going strong and it had a lovely little write up in the Skerries News recently from David Diebold.

The Open Mic Skerries News

Every month I organise the best local talent for a night of entertainment. We’ve had some amazing acts over the past few years. The next one is on November 14th! We have a great line up for you again with some regulars and some fresh faces.

So there it is…my musical life over the past few months. I’m looking forward to the next two months travelling around playing some more venues. I’ll be sure to update you with some more pics and stories.

Next up I’m off to The Hawk’s Well Theatre in Sligo. Really looking forward to it. I will be finishing off another fantastic year on New Year’s Eve at The Everyman Theatre in Cork!!! Here is a current poster of my live gigs so far for Winter. More to be confirmed.

Liz xxx

liz poster gigs








2 thoughts on “Jack Lukeman Tour & More :)”

  1. Liz I saw you this week for the first time …(gig in tallaght supporting Jack)
    We loved you! I bought your album and have been listening to it non stop. What a gorgeous voice
    Keep singing you are a special talent
    I want to come see you again in the new year so will be following your updates!

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