Voice of Aldi for Easter Ad

So you may have seen the Aldi ad on telly and found yourself singing along with the well known tune from Rogers and Hammersteins’ Sound of Music. Well…it’s me. I am delighted to have been chosen as the voice of Aldi’s Irish ad campaign!

How did you I get the gig? Well it was out of the blue to be honest. I got an email from London saying, ‘We love your voice and would you be interested in coming to London on Monday?’. Yes thank you!! I had been listed on a music booking agency website and had been one of three Irish female singers chosen to try out for the Aldi ad.

I got the scripts and with some emergency voice over coaching from Cormac the night before (I can do singing but not used to the whole speaking thing!!) off I went to London early Monday. I spent the day in a studio vocal booth in Battersea and came home late that night. The studio was apparently the place the X Factor use/used for rehearsals and recording between live shows. Apparently Jedward would just sit at the entrance to the studio waving and saying hello to everyone and Wagner lazed around sleeping on bean bags. The studio has a number of recording facilities and producers working from there. Pretty cool place. I love visiting different studios. 😍



Anyway, I didn’t hear anything back and was waiting patiently 😁 for some news. I was chilling out Wednesday night and it popped up on telly!! Even after it started I still wasn’t convinced it was me! It took a while to register.

So there are 6 to 7 different versions of the ad, which I think is beautifully shot and made actually. Here is the 40 second ad. I’m dead proud I have to say. It’s very strange flicking through channels and suddenly hearing your own voice!😊

Thank you to all the well wishers too!  Next up I’m gigging with the one and only Jack Lukeman on April 11th at the newly opened Pavillion in Cork.




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